Burning Man 2024 COMING SOON

Burning Man 2024

Are you interested in camping with us this year at the Burn?

If you are a member of Camp Question Mark Society, or would like to be a part of Camp ? this year, please read the Camping with us section (see button in navigation). Then fill out the registration form.

After you fill out the registration form, if there is still available space for you in camp, we will contact you by email.

Our mission

Camp Question Mark is created by the members of Camp Question Mark Society. We are more than just a camp! We are a social experiment inspired by Burning Man. We come together with each of our unique talents and experiences to build a vision together; and we share our art and music with everyone at Burning Man. We try to create the best experience we can to feature & enjoy the music and art that we love.

Our vision

To create a place beyond normal commercial businesses. Beyond industry hype & monetary influenced decisions. A vision that grows and changes. One that is created by the members each year. We come together to build the vision and bring every thing out to the desert to build it together. We eat, sleep, dance, and build our dreams together for a couple weeks in the desert )?(

Camping with us

The Camp Fee is $380 with an opportunity to help with breakdown and only end up paying $180 to camp with us

Dinner Option

OPTIONAL: Dinner = $120 We will also have a dinner option again. We will be posting more info on the menu here and in the newletter we send to everyone camping with us.

** So, There are 2 Fees **

Camp Fee ($380)
** with an opportunity to help with breakdown & only pay $180 **

and Dinner option ($120)

The one fee that everyone needs to pay is the camp fee = $380
The other fee is optional : for dinners *IF* you want to have a meal cooked each night it is an additional $120.

If you have camped with us before, would like to join a friend that is camping with us, or have been to Camp ? and are interested in joining the camp --- please read this page.
Then fill out the registration form.

Everyone helps with Moop Line Sweeps & Breakdown

Moop Line Sweeps everyday at 10am : We are asking everyone camping with us to participate in daily line sweeps. The line sweeps are how we were successful in getting a good Moop score last year. (The moop score is what the Org uses to determine if and where a Theme Camp is placed the next year)

** At 10am each morning the camp will meet in front of the stage. We will organize a line walk together across the dance area picking up all the little pieces of moop that should not be there. To build your commitment and show our appreciation, we will be giving out our camp pendants to everyone that participates in the line sweep. Everyday, we will give each person 2 pendants for participating in the line sweep.

Breakdown Help

Everyone in camp also needs to help with breakdown. We are asking everyone in camp to spend at least 4 hours helping us with breakdown before they leave.

  • For people leaving early - If you are leaving Sunday or early Monday - we will have someone organizing small breakdown projects that you can help with on Sunday. Information on the projects and who to check in with will be on our communication board.
  • Everyone who stays until the end of the day Monday to help with breakdown - we will have a super special T-shirt for you. We are getting T-shirts printed this year for everyone who stays Monday.
  • And if you stay until the end of Breakdown and Pack Out, you will get $200 cash also! We will pay each person who stays until the end of breakdown and pack out $200. We will have the cash to pay each person on the spot - but they must stay until we are done.

Camp? Communication Board

Our communication board will be in the kitchen. We will have a few whiteboards set up in the kitchen used for us to provide info to everyone. Please check the boards each day for info we need to pass along (like what day and time our camp photo will be taken on). There will also be a board for you to leave a message. (Examples: if you lose something, if you want to pass along a message from someone, or if you just want to share some awesome news)

Paying for your camp fee

Please fill out the camp application if you are interested in camping with us. We will be reviewing all the applications and getting back to everyone that we are able to add to camp this year. We will send out several newsletters and the first one will provide detail on how you can pay your camp fee.

Camp Question Mark Society )?(

We are not just a camp at Burning Man, we are a community experience inspired by Burning Man and the core tenants.

We are an experiment on what a community is and what we can do when we come together.

And, after more than 20 years remaking this vision out at the Burn each year ‐ ‐ the experiment has become an experience with some of the best people imaginable.

With so much love that continues to grow and all the challenges along the way, we inspire each other and together we create our dreams.

Contact us

Contact info

Please drop us a line. Send us a ?

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